Connect modem by USB Khadas VIM 3

Hello Khadas Support @numbqq

Is there a Khadas setup that is possible to connect to the modem via USB?

Thanks in advance,


Hello @Xshell

What issues you have? Just connect the modem to USB port and setup in system settings.

Hello @numbqq

The M2X extension + Modem Quectel does not work for me with AOSP.

I’m not sure if I need drivers for M2X extension so that the modem can work in AOSP

I want to connect a modem via USB. Is it possible?

Hello @Xshell

How about Android Pie image ?

Hello @numbqq

On Android Pie, I dont have any problems. M2X works properly. So my project is based in AOSP. My objective is try to connect Quectel Modem 4G working in AOSP 12.

As you can see, I have asked and they have told me from Khadas that it does not have support for AOSP.

And if I connect a modem via USB, could it work?

No, even through Quectel 4G Modem is M.2 interface but the communication interface is still USB. So if you use a modem via USB it will still not work.

Hello @numbqq

Oh I’m sorry. Why wouldn’t a USB Modem work in AOSP? Drivers needed?

Hello @numbqq ,

Could you confirm or not if I connect a modem via USB to Khadas VIM3, with an adaptor as described in the image, without connecting M2X extension Can work for Android AOSP?

Thanks a lot for your support