Connect 8 channel from external source

I would like to connect Audio processor to usb. Instead of using its internal dac’s
to tack SDATA,LRCLK,BCLK,MCLK that goes to the dac’s and connect them to the Tone Board,is it possible to do with Tone Board ?

Does the Tone Board 8 Channel Ext can work as an input for external SDATA,LRCLK,BCLK,MCLK that goes to usb ? I want to connect 8 channel source ( 4 I2S DATA and LRCLK,BCLK,MCLK ) to my computer for recording…I don’t need the DAC on the Board.I need SDATA,LRCLK,BCLK,MCLK (8 Channel ) INPUT TO USB…I hope it is more clear now . Thank you

Electrically it should work, but you probably need to write new firmware for the XMOS to talk to your device and expose the 8 channel source.

Thank’s somebodyelse ,I thought that this input (SDATA,LRCLK,BCLK,MCLK)
goes also to the usb.If I understand it goes only to the DAC and extension for more channel’s
I guess changing the firmware of the XMOS is not an easy task.
Can you give basic guidelines how to write new firmware for the XMOS ?

See the start of the Hardware volume thread where @occip did this with input from @Ben007. It covers the connections to the XTAG debugger which you can get fairly cheaply from suppliers like You’ll need xTIMEcomposer and the USB Audio 2.0 reference implementation as a starting point, and the Tone Board schematic to see which pins are connected to what. From there it depends on your 8 channel source. That may require i2c or spi to configure it as well as the i2s for the audio data. I’m saying this from a theoretical point of view - I’ve not tried it myself.