COMPRESS_IMAGE feature in fenix yields a faulty installation with krescue

Unfortunately after creating image with COMPRESS_IMAGE=yes make and flashing to my VIM3
it results in a faulty installation, the uboot is problematic, and won’t boot from the eMMC :frowning:

furthermore, Krescue itself won’t boot, I consider this a very risky situation for those who entirely depend on Krescue for flashing.

I will try using the xze tool to compress the image seperately, and share my results from there,

@hyphop, @numbqq please give some assistance here, thank you

does fetching the compressed image from external storage device (like attached hard disk or pendrive instead of the SD card in which Krescue is present) cause the installation to be botched ?

can anyone confirm that this isn’t just my case scenario ? thank you

How about this ?


yes, that is what I did, forgot to fully write “yes”

Are you using latest code from github? This issue has already been fixed weeks ago.

yes this is the latest code
I’m building with the github CI script

@numbqq you can find my log from uboot on my screen attached here:

it keeps attempting to connect to the ethernet for few times after which it just quits and continues to shell

my firmware is linked here

and this error appears when the same image boots from USB disk (this problem has been occurring on all the latest mainline images with 5.9rc-2 afak)

I’m scared to boot anything else on my device at this point :neutral_face:

So you use command COMPRESS_IMAGE=yes make to build eMMC image and can’t boot up, right?

not eMMC image, this is mainline kernel, its a SD-USB Image

YES confirmed !! we will fix it very soon

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