COMPLAINT - latest EDGE- firmware [Edge_Pie_V191205]

After having spent 1.5 hours updating to the latest Edge-V firmware,I find that devs have re-introduced a bug from about 6 months ago. Namely, the screen rotation bug (the dock is supposed to be along the bottom of the screen, not the side). This box is now USELESS to me AGAIN and I’m not spending another 1.5 hours rolling back to a previous firmware.

Devs, will you take this seriously? Is there anybody performing quality control AT ALL? This needs to be fixed immediately with a new firmware image within 2 days.


My verification is OK. The update also doesn’t involve modifying what you said.
What is your screen resolution?


Screen resolution is 1920x1080p 60hz, same setting as I used before.

This is using Nova Launcher

Also there is still another bug, cannot select new app icons to add to desktop with Nova Launcher.

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Brother, this is Nova launcher’s problem.

For your problem, you can correct it by the following simple methods.

adb pull vendor/build.prop xxx/build.prop(Specified directory)

edit build.prop, modify “ro.sf.lcd_density=280” to “ro.sf.lcd_density=240”

adb push xxx/build.prop(Specified directory) vendor/build.prop
adb shell

You can also check in frameworks or overlay if the Wallpaper Service is enabled.
This sometimes cause Nova Launcher to not be able to add desktop icons or use widgets.

frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/config.xml and device/rockchip/rk3399/common/overlay, device/rockchip/rk3399/common/tv/overlay etc.
Check all the config.xml files
set config_enableWallpaperService to true instead of false

But I agree that Nova Launcher causes a lots of problems on lots of Android tv boxes, boards.
Try to use Microsoft launcher instead or a launcher that stays static like ATV Launcher that is more suited for a tv display


This isn’t Nova Launchers problem. It worked in the July version of the firmware. Also its an Android app, they should all work as expected. This is a poor development & quality control problem You have re-added a known bug.

Furthermore, I wasn’t told that certain Android apps wouldn’t be supported when I joined the funding campaign and paid $199 for the board. So, a little more respect for customers please. Also I still don’t have a case that fits this board correctly and the new fan doesn’t fit inside properly.

I am happy to troubleshoot the app as per your settings. Are there instructions on how to connect to the board and change these settings in Linux?


Thanks for your input. I don’t know how to access and change these settings. Is there a guide?

And there is no problem with Nova Launcher. It is easily the best and comes pre-installed on some boxes.
I’ve been using it on many android boxes now for 5+ years with no issue until Khadas.

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the July version of the firmware. the ro.sf.lcd_density for 240.
Subsequent firmware has been changed to 280. For better compatibility with the changes made by ts050 touchscreen.

This is not a mistake, it can only be said that this is Android 9.0’s own design.


I don’t really want to argue but I have Nova on my phone, Android 9 with no problems.

Anyway, as long as I can fix the issue it will be ok.

I have enabled usb debugging and plugged in the box via USB-C, after;
adb shell

I get;

error: device '(null)' not found

any ideas?

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Brother, the mobile phone itself is a vertical screen, of course, there is no such problem.

First, make sure your board can connect to your computer through USB cable? That is, file transfer.

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Brother, the mobile phone itself is a vertical screen, of course, there is no such problem.

It also works in landscape mode with no issue. Khadas is the only box I have had this problem within 5+ years.

I have enabled usb debugging as per and then ran the command as above. I don’t know what else to do… How do I enable a usb connection with the box?

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Maybe for a short term solution, you can try a rotation app from the Play Store?

Also already included in Android Pie to set rotation for certain apps.


Thanks, I can take a look but ive already tried to change the screen rotation settings, it doesn’t work…

I mean your phone screen is vertical, and your HDMI screen is horizontal. Instead of rotating the screen horizontally


So you have the box powered on, then USB-C -> USB-A to your computer? I have just tried this, no option to do ‘file transfer.’ Can I not just plug the box into my computer…?

You’re assuming I’ve done this before, I haven’t.

NO,NO,I just want to make sure there are no problems with the USB port, USB cable and computer driver. If you can do that, then the rest is ADB.

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ok, well to start im running Linux, not windows… drivers shouldn’t be an issue as long as ADB and android-tools are installed I think…

Maybe an easier solution… Are there any otther recent firmware that dont have this issue?

No any otther recent firmware , This is the easiest way. Have you never used an ADB before?