Compiled Linux (Fenix) & some bugs

I’ve tried building my custom images with Fenix and so far none of them have worked. I’ve tried many combinations including Uboot mainline/4.4, Ubuntu Mate/LXDE, EEMC/SD.

When going SD and burning it with Etcher, it just keeps rebooting after two white led blinks (a bit like Armbian when I didn’t put DBT to Edge, and it was Edge Captain).

When going EEMC and upgrading through USB C (setting upgrade mode) cable on Windows it just won’t boot and stay on red led, and after it it won’t detect my board so I can’t erase the Flash or install a new firmware.

Now it just starts with the SD card with the images you provide on Firmwares section.

How should I proceed?

Nothing? I literally have a paperweight board right now since Ubuntu LXDE gives problems when installing basic packages that I have to force and get corrupted, Armbian doesn’t detect ethernet and no matter which SD distro I compile with Fenix, they will keep rebooting not detecting the board version (I can’t even test the EEMC since after installing a Fenix compiled EEMC firmware/img it won’t detect the board with the USB C cable at all)