Compatible power adapter

I have following power adapter:
Would it be good to power the VIM?

The specs would be okay for VIM, but we still recommend our official ones which with CE standard.

Thank you for fast reply.

Btw the one I’ve linked have CE sign on the case as well and a lot of good reviews :slight_smile: Anyway thanks for your help a good job with the board!

For what is worth you may get better Value using a 45 to 60w USB charger, 5 port
I have using one over a year for various boxes, tablets etc no problems encountered
Charge you phone as a bonus.

but your official CE power supply shows only 2A on pictures where in specs you recomand a 2.5A one, can you help sort things out? Thank you

Our recommended specs is 2.0A, check the Topic for details.

Connected to a usb TV. Is marked 1A. Works fine, I did not notice the difference.

The Vim is a low powered unit 1 Amp would be ok just…
If under heavy load of decoding video’s or an external USB Device (HDD) it may
take it over the safety level of the TV’s usb supply.
I have an AMP meter and I watch the peaks it can at times go over 1 Amp when Download and doing Stuff.

Just a warning hate your TV to go Bang due to a lack of power power for the Vim.
The price of a plug pack compared to a TV, I know i would have a plug pack :slight_smile:


I agree with Robert 100%.
Though you could power the Vim thru its USB 2.0 ports, those are SMD fuse protected at 500mA and 900ma. But while your TV may be protected somewhat using these ports, the Vim’s fuse will let go if current exceeds 500mA or 900mA, depending on port used
So back to what Robert said, your best bet is good power supply or high capacity charger. Much easier than mounting SMD fuses.