Clean Ubuntu Gnome desktop install

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

**Ubuntu ( Fenix from oowow)**

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

**Khadas official image Ubuntu 22.04**

Please describe your issue below:

Please help me how to install or build clean Ubuntu 22.04 with desktop on VIM4 without any fenix or some additional soft from Khadas. I have spend a lot of days days and nights and always is some problem with original software. i would like to mention that Khadas idea to mix two graphics and part of software from Debian and Ubuntu it is wrong way… For example I do not like bars at bottom or above. I can’t remove them, some application do not want to work correctly with other parts of system, VNC and RDP also give black screen or problems during connection. These things and more makes me very nervous and disappointed when I compare to using the clean Ubuntu 22.04. I’m also owner of Odroid N2+ with Ubuntu desktop and believe me: 50% cheaper, 100% quieter ( because no fan ),40% colder and have same power like a Khadas VIM4… Therefore I do not want to public cry but please only tell me or give some manual how to install original Ubuntu 22.04 without any fenix or some additional s…it. VIM4 is more than 6 months on the market but without any support with right software prepred for product with very high price. Also even some case or box. KKBS have metal case for VIM4 but if you have NVME extension board mounted to VIM4 this case you can send to trash only… Big shame my friends !!!. Thanks in advance for help

Post a console log of your issue below:

Seems like you’re having problems to find your way.

Don’t you use OOWOW to install new software?

To open OOWOW you keep the middle button pressed at boot, or middle button keep pressed and reset button touch.

There you can then install different operating systems of which Debian 10, CoreElec20.0, Ubuntu 22.04 server, Ubuntu 22.04 Gnome and Ubuntu 20.04 Server.

One thing to know is that these Linux images do not have X11 graphics drivers.
Only a blob driver for Wayland. So Gnome is the preferred desktop by Khadas.

You can customize Gnome with different tools as “extensions, settings and other tools”
Here an example of how to change where the bars are used.

That’s a problem with Wayland. Wayland can’t use the x11 programs to do this. Read this for more info.

You have to know Ubuntu 22.04 for x86/amd64 is not the same as Ubuntu 22.04 on arm64.
arm64 is always years behind because a lot less people use it.
Do not expect a fully working without problems image from it. It first needs to be mainlined. Then mainline kernel images can be made with good x11 panfrost driver and you’ll be able to use whatever desktop you like.

N2+ is way older and has mainline support. So here it is a lot easier to have good software for it. Took many years to get here.
I’m waiting for a good mainline image too for VIM4. KKSB case does have a way better heatsink/case what makes it way more usable for desktop tasks.
I also hate the whiny noise from these fans/heatsinks.
Also hate there’s no room for NVMe and have asked the for it.
The case also wasn’t perfect out of the box. Came with a bad thermal pad. They are redesigning the case so a thinner thermal pad is needed. I’ll get to review it when they have it.

I do not know what desktop you prefer. Also not sure what you don’t like about gnome.
What I use is an x11 desktop without GPU drivers. I have a large amount of hate for the Gnome desktop. I do use Gnome on different devices, but only because everyone is focusing on Gnome.

What you can do is install ubuntu 22.04 server with OOWOW. Then install the desktop you want with tasksel or by installing the desktop you want.

sudo apt install tasksel
sudo tasksel
choose desktop you want, when done, reboot.

And to install a desktop manually :

sudo apt install xfce4
sudo apt install cinnamon
sudo apt install mate-desktop-environment

No fenix is needed for this. I don’t understand why you are using that.
To learn a bit more you can use the Khadas Docs.
They are very well written and maintained. I often scroll thru it to see if there’s something new added.

And please be more clear in your questions about what you want to achieve. All you say, I don’t like it. But don’t give the correct info.


I see you want gnome. To fix the vnc problem you can log in with x11 instead of wayland.
So you install gnome manually then on Ubuntu 22.04 server to have x11 working.

sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop

Then you should be able to choose at login what desktop you want. Choose Ubuntu with xorg.
Will not work with the gnome image from Khadas because that only works with wayland.