Choosing an SD Card

I can’t find this in the docs: Up to what type of SD card does the Vim Pro support?

The speed rating are a bit confusing. There are Class 2,3,…,10
And then there is U1 (U2?) U3 and UHS I/II/III
I don’t entirely understand all the numbers :S

I’d like to get a fast card, but I don’t want to spend extra money on something that is too fast for the hardware either :joy:
What will the Vim Pro top out with?


Hi, Geokon:
If you use the uSD card as a bootable card installed an OS, uSD card spec with Class 10 is recommenced; but if you just use the uSD card to store movies or files, I think the spec is not quite so critical.

Okay, I found it in the data sheet. It says:

SDSC/SDHC/SDXC card and SDIO interface with 1-bit and 4-bit data bus width supporting sep version 2.x/3.x/4.x DS/HS modes up to UHS-1 SDR104

There is even a new sd card standard, that determines how well can sd card run applications, A1(App performance) is written on those cards.

I have read somewhere, that A2 will soon be released, but tbh i haven’t seen a card with A1 anywhere, but i do believe there are cards that do meet these standards without A1 certificate.

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If you run OS from SD card, make sure it is good at random read/write. Most perform well in sequental read/write, but many doesn’t when it comes to random. My choice is always Samsung Evo+ :slight_smile: