Cheap and effective passive cooling

Want to tell how to make ultimate cooling for our VIM3. Rewriting my post from 4PDA.
First of all I oredered alluminium heatsink and cooling conductive silicone pad. Here links where I ordered it: heatsink, thermal pad .
It arrived with my VIM, so I took rubber and hacksaw and made such cooling body…

Can’t add more photo. On the bottom I placed thermal pad on a whole plate.
Later I replaced thermal pad on SOC with aluminum plates and thermal grease.
It looks pretty sloppy, but works really fine! I made some stress tests and result is good: 57C on stress and 38C on standby, no throttling at all.


Looks like a spaceship. :smile:

What is your ambient temperature?

That looks Kewel :sunglasses:

Usual room temperature, 25-28 I suppose.

more pictures