Changing distros


I got the Vim1s up and running with Ubuntu 22.04 with GNOME. I have a 128GB SD card, but it wasn’t used in the install.

Anyway, I wanted to change the distro to one of the Armbian ones. Probably the Cinnamon one.

No matter what I try I get the message that the there’s not enough space to download the distro, but it starts downloading it anyway.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

My reason for changing distros is that there seems to be a problem with the System Settings and ‘Remote Desktop’. Clicking remote desktop on the right panel (in system settings) should give an option to turn on remote desktop, but nothing shows in the right panel of the window so can’t enable remote desktop.

For the moment I’m booting Armbian (Cinnamon) from the SD card, but I’d like to get it installed on the EMMC.

Any ideas?

When booted from the sdcard, you can run sudo armbian-install in a terminal to install armbian to emmc.

Spot on. Thank you!!