Change logo in VIM3 Android 9 SDK


I am working on VIM3 and I want to change the logo in Android 9 SDK.
How do I change the logo??
I did look for ‘logo.bmp’ file in the source but I did not find any.

Hello, use this information…

Good luck to you!

Thanx. I saw that but I want to change it from the source of Android 9. I don’t want to change it from the adb shell.
Can you please tell me where I can put my logo in the source?

Perhaps this information will help you, or wait for the Khadas staff for a more accurate answer!
Good luck to you!

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Thank You for your quick response. I found the exact location from which I was able to replace the khadas logo with mine.

I am giving the location from where I replaced the khadas logo.Just replaced bootup.bmp file with my bmp file.

Development Board: VIM3
SDK: Android 9

Location: device/khadas/kvim3/logo_img_files/bootup.bmp


Fine! you can mark your post as a solution to the issue, maybe your answer will be useful to someone.
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me as well trying to change boot animation but its not working at all only 2 sec of video appears i am using vim3 l vim3 android pie 9
tried adb command

Means you are able to replace the boot animation but it only appears for 2-3 Secs.
Is that right?

yes this what is happening i was able to replace boot animation video but only 11 sec and by using adb android
i am not sure maybe something wrong when i have converted the video to images is causing this issue and no audio

I guess there could be something wrong with your bit rate.
Try to change your frequency of boot animation.

i think so but how can i fix it the video clip is 4k and when i converted to images they where around 720 images and this is the description of bootanimation zip text:
1920 1080 30
p 1 0 part0

@Devil if you have
p 1 0 part0
it means the video will only play once, and then the screen will be blank (until the booting process is completed)

try changing it to: p 0 0 part0
to make it loop forever untill completely booted…

yes this what is happening 11 sec of the video works tho it is 26 and as you mentioned after 11 sec black screen appears until booted ok i will try this trick and inform you
thank you

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any idea how can i add the audio of the boot animation?

@Devil there is no audio in the bootanimation, there is start up chime, you can check in


i have edited boot animation zip file but same result and still KHadas logo appears it has not replaced it

is it easy to change replace Khadas logo
because boot animation has not replaced the Khadas logo and i guess boot delay is short my intro wont appears correctly full length i will try to replace Khadas logo

i am disapointed

@Devil, pardon me, your question was quite unclear, I thought you just wanted to replace the android bootanimation

the khadas logo has nothing to do with the boot animation, it is part of the uboot, please check the previous instructions given in this thread to replace the boot logo


yes correct i wanted to replace boot animation but after the result ended into (booting delay is too short) i will tryto replace Khadas logo hope it is easy i will give it a try

it is more complicated than just replacing the file, you will need to recompile the whole bootloader with the newly modified bitmap image…

Yaa, it’s easy.

Change this device/khadas/kvim3/logo_img_files/bootup.bmp file with your bmp file.
Then recompile your source.