Change ddr memory size

Dear all,
I am using android OS on vim3-pro board.
I want to test by changing the DDR size to 2GByte to check the operation of the application according to the memory capacity.
Is there a way to change it in settings, etc.?
thank you !

You could try using Kernel aduitor to see if you can limit the memory the kernel can use, (basically reducing the memory the system can see…)

otherwise you could replace the boot.img (the file containing android’s kernel and the ramdisk) with a copy of the boot.img which doesn’t allocate more than 2GB of RAM…

I thought this would be easy to use by modifying the kernel device tree file, but I couldn’t find a way in the dts file.
I would like to ask for a more detailed method.
Thank you.

I am not entirely sure of how to do that, other than that such a method is possible
but my assumption is that, you need to unpack the boot.img file, and then navigate to the necessary file…

there are many online guides you can follow, especially on XDA developers, they might have some guides of how to do the process

Hi, you’d better ask Terry, mark his name in your message.

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Dear @Terry,
I want to change the ddr size of the vim3-pro board to 2GB by modifying the kernel or device tree. (vim3, android version)
Or I can modify other configs. I am trying to reduce memory for testing.
Is there any way to fix it?
Thank you.

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