CEC not working on Ubuntu Bionic + VIM 2

I have installed Ubuntu xfce bionic Linux 4.9 EMMC (V20181030) on a VIM 2 board. I installed cec-utils and tried to use “cec-client -l” to check i am able to see my cec enabled Vizio TV that is connected using HDMI.

I get the following message:
libCEC version: 4.0.2, compiled on Linux-4.4.0-101-generic … , features: P8_USB, DRM, P8_detect, randr
Found devices: NONE

A cec scan also fails “echo scan | cec-client -s -d 1” with error message “autodetect FAILED”

Is there something i am missing? Do i need to do anything else other than install the library? Does the CEC feature work in Ubuntu Mate instead of Bionic? Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.