Case for VM2 with DVB and DVB for the dual boot image

Hi, I bought Khadas VM2 board a while ago but was too busy to play with it. Today I made an attempt to connect the DVB board and found out that there is no way to add the board and keep the case. At the very best I could only lose the top cover if I screw everything upside down. But I want to place the whole unit in one box and have it covered. Can you please tell me what are my options for doing so?

I also want to have dual boot setup with Linux and Android. Is there a way to have a dual boot and keep the DVB working?

Thank you, I hope I am not repeating some topic that already exists. I took a look and could not find one.

Hi, 1urds:
Following topics for the DVB Case questions:

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You can try Balbes150’s 3in1 ROM.

And our official feature ROM will also support vTV board.

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Hi Gouwa

Which of the 3 in 1 Roms use GPU acceleration please?


Thank you very much. This was a helpful response.