CasaOS on VIM3pro

Hi guys! I turned my old VIM3 into a cozy microserver. There’s no point in him lounging around in the closet)))
A lightweight add-on in the CasaOS docker installed on an Ubuntu server turns VIM3 into a functional and energy-saving NAS. This is a convenient wrapper for lazy guys and docker newbies.
Let’s have fun! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


1.Write the OOWOW image to an SD card and boot from it to record the system in EMMS
2.Install Ubuntu server 20.04.5 LTS Linux 4.9.241 from the OOWOW repository
3.Update Ubuntu
4.Install the docker service on the server
5.Install СasaOS
6.Open the server console and go to CasaOS


Hello @cool0007

Thanks for your how-to. :wink:

Are you still using the VIM3 with CasaOS? If so what’s your main use?

I’ve been testing CasaOS on a Raspi 4b and use it as a media server (Plex) and torrents (qbittorrent. Works quite good, even with only a HDD attached. As long as you don’t need to transcode videos of course.

Hello! At this time, I returned my VIM3 to Android. It’s more convenient for me. It performed well as a file server, but technology does not stand still! Currently I am using Ubuntu server 23.10 with kernel 6.5 to decode video on an N100 Alder Like processor. My server looks like this now :smiley: Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. Looks very nice. I have no idea what most of these apps do :slight_smile:

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