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I recall that forum member ,Davemf has mentioned that he and his friends are using vim as some kind of a car media center. It will be great to have more information about what hardware is needed. Howto. And some photos. translation is needed


My CarPC has:

  • khadas Vim
  • capacitive touch panel
  • Intelligent power supply (ITPS) own design
  • HDMI Display 1280*800 IPS
  • Glonass/GPS receiver
  • amplifier with DSP
  • and many other…

This is a video how it works


Great davemf!

Did you think about open source your project?

I did go to your forum, but my russian is pretty inexistant :wink:

I would be interrested in looking at your source code to replace an android box I have in my car…



My gps source has NDA… Other source you can download on You can download my firmware only.

OK, keep up the great work anyway!

I tested the Khadas VIM1. VIM work without errors.I drove 1,000 km in 40 degree heat. VIM was no fan, only heatsink. The CPU temperature 69 degrees, when watching a video through YouTube up to 81 degrees maximum. The internal chassis temperature is 43 degrees. Time of continuous work more than 15 hours. The test was repeated 4 times.

Temp on case

CPU temp

My case :slight_smile:

Working time

My case again

Vim with heatsink, RTS battery and gps/glonass reciver


Nougat VIM1 + VESA 1280x800 + volume & media buttons = work perfect! :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

Is your project stil alive? The above links are down…

What about VIM2 did you released a new rom for it?

Waiting to read you again.


Hi, Philippe!
My project alive.
Already more than 50 people installed VIM1/2 in their cars.
The link doesn’t work, because I left that site because it does not meet my requirements.

My blog on drive2ru

New ROM for the VIM2 will be after the developers solve the problem with the UI scaling.

Hi all!
You can try my CarPC ROM dmf_VIM2_N712v2 or dmf_VIM2_N712v2_TotalL (with TotalLauncher)

It has:


Hi Dave,

 Thanks for your help here, I have vim3 and i want to install it in my car, Deep sleep with NO power in USB is my target. Do you have VIM 3 ROM? Do i need to have the ITPS? 

waiting for your kind reply.

You don’t need to have ITPS.

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