Can't upgrade/boot the device

I tried to write uboot environment with "fw_setenv jtag=disable"
with /etc/fw_env.config contents:
/dev/mmcblk0 0x80000 0x8000

and after that system doesn’t boot anymore😣. Just keeps resetting over an over.

TE: 104302

BL2 Built : 13:48:56, Sep 23 2016.
gxl g7459bd4 - jianxin.pan@droid06

set vcck to 1120 mv
set vddee to 1000 mv
Board ID = 6
CPU clk: 1200MHz
DQS-corr enabled
DDR scramble enabled
DDR3 chl: Rank0+1 @ 768MHz - PASS
Rank0: 1024MB(auto)-2T-11
Rank1: 1024MB(auto)-2T-11
DataBus test pass!
AddrBus test pass!
Load fip header from eMMC, src: 0x0000c200, des: 0x01400000, size: 0x00004000
New fip structure!
Load bl30 from eMMC, src: 0x00010200, des: 0x01100000, size: 0x0000d600
Load bl31 from eMMC, src: 0x00020200, des: 0x10100000, size: 0x00015400
Load bl33 from eMMC, src: 0x00038200, des: 0x01000000, size: 0x000a5c00
aml log : SIG CHK : 300 for address 0x01000000

Is it possible to mount emmc as a device to linux maybe and dd the image there?
How to bring it back to life? It’s the only device I have others still on the way. So my work stopped completely.
Help me please

I think I’ll try to boot from SD and fix it somehow…

Hi kkkkk,

Please try MRegister Mode to enter upgrade mode, and upgrade via an USB cable.


Yep, that helped. Thank you.
But I’ve lost all the data😖
If only there were some way to mount vim’s emmc as a disk and make a normal backup with dd if=/dev/vim of=backup.img and restore as easy as dd if=backup.img of=/dev/vim