Cant image on emmc through usb


  • We are using Edge V Pro
  • We try to write image to EMMC through USB C , using an EMMC compatible ubuntu image
  • We boot the Edge V Pro to UPGRADE MODE by pressing on the function key 3 time during boot process
  • The AndroidTool utility recognizes the “MASKROM Device”
  • Clicking on “Upgrade” or “Erase Flash” return the same problem. We get to “Wait for Maskrom Start” scenario, and then it fails

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Hello @GuyGuy will check and update here.

Hi~ @GuyGuy
Refer to the documentation and install the recommended software version.


I know this article, I have followed it exactly step by step and reached the provided error

Can you please assist? I can we continue from here.

It is recommended to replace a data cable and try again.Here are the test results I just made.

You try again. Leave me a message if you have any questions. good luck !


I managed to solve the problem. it is not related to the cable.

The problem was that we had “VMWare Workstation” open with running VMs. It seems that the “RKDevTool v2.71” cannot work correctly when there are VMs running on the machine. Probably because the VMs also try to probe/get access to the USB device at the same time. This probably creates unexpected behavior in the software.

I would recommend you add to the guides (such as Edge1 Install OS into eMMC via USB Tool [Khadas Docs] ) that there should not be any running VMs on the host (like with VMware ) when you use the “RKDevTool v2.71” tool



Thank you for your advice. I’ll pay attention to the problem :+1: