Can't boot OOWOW or Krescue

Brand new vim 3, just out of the box, and I get this when I try to boot either oowow or Krescue from SD card.

Any ideas? Boots fine into the preinstalled android with no SD card .

Why are things so hard and so confusing with Khadas SBCs? Seems like basic things that should just work, don’t.

Hi @unharmonix I believe this has been mentioned in another post as well. Mainline kernel software hasn’t been updated with TS050 support. OOWOW and Krescue use the mainline kernel.

Would you like to test the beta version of the mainline linux Ubuntu with the TS050 support ?

Yes please, definitely. I didn’t realise TS050 was so unsupported, given that it is the default Khadas screen for this SBC. I need to be able to use this in Ubuntu with Gnome desktop for a system that I am building. Do you have a link to the beta version? Many thanks!

@unharmonix you can check out this beta image: vim3-ubuntu-22.04-gnome-linux-6.2-fenix-1.5.2-231012.img.xz

Thank you bro I appreciate it!

OOWOW with TS050 has not tested and we can’t provide any warranty for this case :wink:

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Why not? Khadas literally sell the TS050 as the official touchscreen for the VIM devices, but your own software doesn’t support it… Huh??? This is crazy.

for issues like this, we still have headless web-access OOWOW User Manual [Khadas Docs]