Cannot upgrade my Khadas Vim2

I want to update my Khadas VIM2. I use these guide.


The first method doesnt work because my khadas device is not detected. I tried changing usb port on my pc, the results is still the same.

The second method doesnt work because when I try to boot into upgrade mode, all I get is Khadas word on the screen and nothing happen for half an hour.

Please advice.

I do this:

  1. I launch the USB Burning Tool
  2. On VIM2 I clamp the Power button and insert power
  3. The program displays a connection

You can also try to reinstall USB Burning Tool


Suprisingly it works? Clamp the power button and insert power. How do you know that? Why this info not in the official docs?


After flashing without erasing (due to error when erasing), I am unable to detect my device in USB burning tool. Are there something that I can do to detect my device?