Cannot perform windows update

Hello, i’ve been facing this problem for quite some time now, and i’ve decided to seek help here in case it happened to somebody else. I’m using my Intel i7 Mind with stock OS, the one that came preinstalled on the unit, and this error pops up when i try to perform the update. Any other minor update has been successful so far, this is the only one that gets stuck during installation. Any suggestion? (sorry for the image quality, but my pc is set to Italian, i translated the screenshot with google lens)

Ok, i don’t know what happened, but after months of not being able to update, today everything magically worked and the OS updated correctly…

I’m very sorry for replying so late.
We’ve just finished a long holiday break.
And It’s great that your issue has been perfectly resolved.

There are many reasons why the Windows system may not update properly.
One of the most common reasons is Microsoft server failure or unstable network connections.
If you encounter similar issues in the future, you can try using the system’s built-in “Reset Network” function before attempting any other solutions.