Cannot enter upgrade mode when write SD image to eMMC

Hello, I have tried these methods (except serial mode) according to

When I press the function keyboard, I have seen blue light. But it turn to white light soon.

The MRegister Mode also has no response.

@cencen if the white light comes you should have successfully booted linux from the SD card, did it not boot ?

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Hello! What do you have installed on eMMC now?

Yes, it come to interface.

VIM3_Ubuntu-gnome-focal_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V0.9-20200530(Latest release)

Best of all, I think, if the stock Android will initially be on eMMC, and then you try to do it again.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I will try it later. :smiley:

@cencen if it won’t boot into Linux on the SD card if you have the 4.9 kernel image and uboot on the eMMC, this is a known thing.

I used U driver not SD card. it would have an impact?

It is better to follow strictly the instructions you refer to! Good luck to you!

So I should install Android first?

It is desirable to do this.

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