Cannot display Android TV on my TV


I am trying to use VIM3 pro as media box for my TV. My Vim3 is currently running Android TV (installed through Krescue) but I am having a trouble using my TV as display source. I was able to run Android TV fine through my 27" monitor (which is 1920 x 1080 with max refresh rate as 75Hz). When it comes to use my regular bigger size TV as a display source (like 4K 2160p or even non 4K TV but bigger size like 55"), when I connect through HDMI cable, nothing is shown and does not look like it is detected. I checked connection multiple times so for me, this seems like an issue when I try to use VIM3 on different resolution display.

My vim3 currently has some hardware issue that I cannot connect USB (I think USB ports were dead DOA but I did not open/use VIM3 immediately after arrival (I kept as it is for a year until recently so oh well). It also seems like my sd card slot is having a trouble recently, so I don’t think I can use krescue through USB or sd card. I have been using remote controller to do most of operation I need.

Anyway can you help me how to troubleshoot this and possible fix the issue that I can use it on my TV?