Cannot boot from SD card

I wrote a Manjaro ARM image to the SD card. I hold the Power button, press the Reset button and release the Power button, but the VIM1 still boots from eMMC. The OS (Ubuntu MATE 16.04) recognizes the card.
Is there any other way to boot from SD card?

Try booting an official khadas image for that board using an SD. If that works your Manjoro image needs work before it will boot.

I’ve downloaded an OOWOW image, but it also doesn’t boot. Sometimes only Khadas logo appears (same also did sometimes happen with Manjaro image).
I flashed the images to an SD card with balena etcher.

What are you using for a power supply and is your usb cable heavy duty. It takes a stiff power supply, if oowow does not boot you either have a power issue or the board might have an issue.

I use a GaN charger with PD support and a stock VIM cable.
Is it possible to flash OOWOW into eMMC with Amlogic USB Burning Tool?

Do you have a power supply that can be used for a test.

Battery chargers don’t have the output voltage step response that is adequate for running a device that lights up all the cores instantaneously during boot.

Those chargers only work with digital devices because they have a real battery in parallel that acts as a “buffer” and keeps the voltage from sagging too low.

We use medical grade wall adapters because they are better regulated, no problems with power. Khadas also offers a power supply and should work fine with your board.

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It’s not possible

Try replacing the adapter or trying the firmware below.