Can VIM2 support Android P?

From, it says Android P is only available for VIM1:

For Android Pie (9.0):
$ repo init -u -b khadas-vims-pie
Note: Only available for VIM1.

Can VIM2 support Android P and where can I download the AOSP code?

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Maybe @Terry can help you.

The VIM2 don’t support the Android P now. We will consider adding support for VIM2. But It need more times.

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@Terry, do you have any updates concerning VIM2 and Android P?
How do other users of VIM2 get a new(er) android up and running on the VIM2 ?
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Hello! On the s912 processor, only the Nougat android, there are no other versions in nature!

I do not understand why Amlogic released S912, it runs only nougat out of the box, i do not believe we will ever see any other android version on it, s912 was released and completely abandoned afterwards.

There is a preview version of pie for the older version it works good i believe

I have the newer version and mine has just a few little issues. Im was wondering if they fixed it yet?

You need to indicate what mistakes you are talking about, they will probably take this into account and do it soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive already done that a few weeks ago

Terry has answered you personally! :neutral_face:

So far V200624 works on my Vim2 sept the fan isnt working

Since i have V2, V14 i think its the problem why my fans isnt working on my board.

When Android 7 was released V14 had the same 3 things fixed so ide bet its the same 3 things for Android 9 there is no issue with V13 but with V14 there is.

The update for Nougat V190518

  1. add VIM2 V13 support
  2. fixup Fan issue
  3. fixup Wol issue
  4. update boot logo
  5. update default wallpaper

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