Can tone board take I2s signals?

Can Khadas Tone Board take I2S input? KTB manual shows pin out for various connections. 10 pin FPC socket as well as 40 pin header have I2S pins. Though I am not clear that these headers can receive I2S signals.

Can KTB be used as I2S DAC? Please enlighten me.

I wish to extract DSD signals by using device like shown below decode using KTB. This extractor outputs I2S signals through 6 pin connectors besides over lvds hdmi type connector.

This has been discussed here: I2S Input options

Forget about the I2S and GPIO connectors, they are just interconnected between each other, but not connected to anything else on the ToneBoard. The only possibility is to use the expansion connector. But nobody has reported success yet.

Do you mean I2S expansion connector or 8 ch. connector.?

8ch. expansion connector is connected to the I2S bus between the XMOS and the DAC. The I2S connector is not connected to anything but the GPIO connector, so its completely useless.

So 30pin 8 channel connector is likely the one to accept I2S input. Strange no one has reported successful use.