Can the Tone use an Android Phone as a source?

Hi everyone,
I’m considering buying the Tone Board as a DAC which will be connected directly to a Xiaomi Android phone.
Today I’m using the schiit fulla 2 with an OTG cable and it works perfectly with all apps on the phone.
Any idea if I can do this as well with the Tone Board to replace the Fulla2?
Or maybe even with a 2-in-1 usb cable to add external power to the Tone Board in case it consumes more power than my phone can supply to it.
[today the Fulla is used only for the DAC inside, which pushes an external AMP, this is why i’m looking for a DAC only and not a DAC_AMP combo)

I have not tried that. The Tone Board can draw up to 500mA, not sure what your phone can safely provide thru its USB port or how it would effect your phone’s runtime.
I will try it on my phone, but it will be tomorrow evening, as I am not with the Tone Board at the moment.
Curious, what Android version is on your Xiaomi?

Hi - thank you. Draining time is not an issue. Also if it works and recognized as DAC only with additional power source, it is still a possible option I can work with.

I’m using the Xiaomi A2 with Android One (my Android Ver. is 9)

Hello, My newest phone(Not a Xiaomi) does not have OTG function on its USB micro port…piece-o-crap.:laughing:

I have a tablet that runs Android 6, the Tone Board worked fine on that playing a Youtube video.

I have an older Moto G with Android 4.4, its USB port is OTG but it failed to provide adequate current to power the TB. I had no powered USB hub here, so I converted a standard hub to powered hub and it worked fine with the TB on the Moto G playing a Youtube video.

My best guess is, if your phone’s USB port is OTG and can supply the required current or you use a powered hub or 2-n-1 cable , I think it will work.
I am unfamiliar with the Xiaomi’s firmware, so I cannot speak to any obstacles it may present, if any.
Sorry I could not be more certain, but if it works on the old Moto G, I think the odds that your phone will work, are in your favor.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for checking! really appreciate your help!

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Glad to do it. If you get the Tone Board, please let us know how it works out.

let me check again, but I think I managed to have sound coming out of my TB when it was connected to my android tablets and phones…

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Thank you - waiting for your feedback (I want to use it to play Spotify from my Android phone using DAC into the Atom amp)

I confirm it works: khadas tb => otg usb hub => galaxy note 8.0


Thanks for the checking!

Spotify songs are available for you to play on Android devices if you use the DRmare Spotify Songs Converter from the DRmare website.

Spotify Music Converter is helpful. I got it on DRmare website. You can play Spotify files on your phone offline.