Can not format and mount sd card or usb flash in OOWOW

getting this message (… is not OOWOW disk) when trying to format clean sd card or card that has single partition made with this doc Format USB-flash as oowow dump storage [Khadas Docs]

also could not mount sd card with partition made by that doc or made by hands, tested with fat32, exfat, ext4 partitions
getting this message: SD card - dump storage not MOUNTED!

OOWOW version beta 230515.000

@egaistek what board are you using ?

sorry, I am using Edge2

@egaistek the formatting dump storage is for when you want to boot oowow off an external disk, which requires a separate partition for storing images and backups.

In your case, if you would like to use a single partition disk only for storing the images, you can just use as is and make sure you are selecting the right location when loading the images or taking backups.

ok, but when I insert formatted sd card (fat, exfat, ext4) with single partition with os image or without image I can not select it in location, it lists only internal memory

Location → going up level … → select other location