Can Khadas vim 2 pro (32g +3g) run Android studio in Ubuntu?

I am a newbie to SBCs.
I want to know from someone using Android Studio on khadas for app dev?
My queries are:
Will it be smooth?
Do I need additional hardware?
Will miss any of it’s features?
Any other thing you feel worth mentioning.
using it as a desktop PC with LINUX okay for daily use ?
Thanks. @Gouwa @numbqq @RDFTKV

Hi, Rahkihs:
Yep, for Smoothly for Android, but for Linux still lack of some important features like GPU hardware acceleration, so more recommended for experienced users.

I’m not quite understand what you mean following questions, can you kindly explain more?

Dear @Gouwa.
I want to know about the performance of ‘Android Studio’ which is an IDE for app development on Khadas Vim 2 running Linux. Since the Simulator feature in A.S is quite resource.
Thank you.

Did you try to install Android Studio for VIM2 on Ubuntu?
I think you can have a try.

I wanted to know the same, before opting for VIM 2.
Can someone confirm it? Looking for some Experienced opinions.

Still not quire sure which host you want to install the Android Studio:

  • VIM2 + Ubuntu
  • X86 PC + Ubuntu

I guess you mean the 2nd one, if so should be similar with all Android phones/tablets, otherwise, I just searched on Google, and didn’t find any infomation about Android Studio on ARM64 devices yet.

Not sure this applies, but seems relevant. So maybe possible, but this is for Chromebook.

Thanks @RDFTKV for your help. Looks like it’s a pain to Install Android studio on ARM SBCs. I won’t opt khadas for particularly Android app dev.
Thanks @Gouwa. Yes I am talking about the first. Option Android Studio on Ubuntu ( Ubuntu which comes for khadas vim 2).