Can Khadas codebase support GMS integration?

After I follow Khadas steps to re-build image (working on android 6), then I follow GMS steps to merge GMS package into Khadas codebase.
When I run new image on Khadas VIM, I encountered following strange things,

  1. I saw Play Store ICON. I did nothing and just left VIM alone for a few minutes, Play Store will auto-disappear.
  2. Google Games ICON had same problem.
  3. To analyze this issue, I re-burn image and launch Play Store immediately after system booting up.
    Play Store can run and OK to install new APK. But when I exit, ICON is gone automatically.

By checking logcat, Google’s packageManagerService seems to remove these APK for some reasons.
I guess that perhaps some GMS dependent components are missing in Khasdas codebase or makefile.

Can anyone help?

You can follow below steps to build gapps.


  1. Download the gapps file from github
$ cd <path-to-your-project>
$ cd vendor/amlogic
$ git clone
  1. Enable GAPPS by edit ‘device/khadas/kvim/’:


  1. Build your rom again
$ cd <path-to-your-project>
$ make  installclean
$ make  -jN otapackage

####Notice: The Google Games is not included

What’s the difference between this GAPPS package with Google Android TV GMS package?

I made an experiment.
I installed this GAPPS, then merge Google Android TV GMS.
At compiling time, I encountered a lots of error messages.
It seemed that some conflicts between these packages to be resolved.

I thought the Google Android TV GMS included the GAPPS
About more information for GAPPS, you can look here .
What’s the error messages ?