Can I use raspberry pi accessories on khadas vim?
I intended to buy raspberry pi to use this DAC board. Then I found out about khadas vim, a better board with same price. Already ordered it from gearbest. But can I use hifiberry board or similar I2S DACs with khadas vim?

Hi, Peerobo:
The GPIO pinout of Khadas VIM is not compatible with RPi, so the DAC board you mentioned on cannot work on VIM directly.

But the I2S-bus are available on the 40-PIN GPIO, it means that DIY audio expandable comes available.


29 GPIOH_7 - > I2S_BCK
30 GPIOH_6 -> I2S_MCLK
31 GPIOH_9 -> I2S_DOUT
32 GPIOH_8 -> I2S_LRCK
33 GPIOAO_6 -> I2S_DIN

Is this info right?

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Yes,the info is right

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Hello Peerobo,

i know it’s not helps to you much now, but I’m just released my project, what can helps you if you looking something like that. Only Issue is that is in development phase and prototypes can be here not sooner in 5 weeks, approx.

if you are interest, see link here for more details:


I am new to this. Would you mind telling me what steps I have to do to make an I2S DAC board work? For example this board right here:
ALLO BOSS DAC PCM5122 32Bit / 384kHz with 2 clocks Master Clock I2S

Is this right?

  1. Figure it out how to connect the board with VIM: equivalent I2S GPIO pin of ALLO <–> GPIO 29~33 of VIM (using jumper cable)
  2. Compile driver for ALLO to be recognized in LibreELEC.

Hello Peerobo,

based on that pictures you need more…

SDA1/SCL lines for control the Audio Chip, they obviously using a I2C mode.
I’m not see reason to use ID_SD/ID_SC pins.
You need use a GPIO from VIM for controll GPIO6/DMUTE signals.
And power ,+5V (probably), +3.3V and at least two GND pins.

let say recommendations:
RASP <----> VIM
SDA1 <----> I2C_SDA_A
SCL1 <----> I2C_SCL_A
GPIO6 <----> GPIOH_5
I2S as was written


Di you get this working with the Allo BOSS and Libreelec ?