Can I run custom Android app(Flutter) in Khadas Edge-V

Hi, I’m Thiyraash. I’m currently looking for an board to run my custom Android app (Build in Flutter) as kiosk. Can I send my custom android app apk that I build using Flutter, to Khadas Android based development board to run as KIOSK? My app have camera access like live preview and capture photo feature. Is it possible to run custom android app in Edge development board? I couldn’t get clear answer when I google this.

Hello, Most Android apps should run on the Edge-V when it is running Android. Having no experience with your custom app, I cannot say. If there is a link to the app I can try it on the Edge-V for you.

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Hi DFTKV, thanks for the reply. So you mean , if I have any android apk and I send it to Edge-V it should work? Can you check me with this app Bro?

The app installed without issue. App asked for permissions for camera and to record audio. App booted fine. The image from a camera connected to MIPI-RX(Cam0) could be seen in the Preview screen.
Note: The image looks poor only because my camera still has the protective film on the lens.:slightly_smiling_face:

Screen after clicking the shutter button…

Clicking share brought up some available places to share, such as Bluetooth. I shared them to Total Commander file manager, the share was successful.

Firmware loaded on my Edge-V is: Edge-V_Pie_20190912

I cannot guarantee every App out there will run on any Android device. I have not had any problems with the Apps I have tried.


Wow! Thanks alot @RDFTKV!! This really helps me with my development! Will try this! Thanks a lot !

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