Can I Install Windows10 on an VIM2 MAX?

Can I Install Windows10 on an VIM2 MAX?
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Hi, Zorolag:
Nope, to install Win10, you have to buy X86 based products or Qualcomm 835 835.


It looks like you might be able too in the near future. I see they have Windows 10 arm x64 running on a raspberry pi. If they can run it on there I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to get it on the Khadas since its an arm x64 chip. I just read about this and I’m going to dabble with it on the Raspberry Pi and when I get it working there I will see if I can get it working on Khadas Vim2. the video I just learned this from. Here is Windows own video of it running on a snapdragon proc.

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you are right, windows 10 iot runs on rpi3, but I have no clue if it could ever be ported to amlogic based board like the VIMS !

I don’t believe we will see win10 on any other soc except sd in the near future, Microsoft will probably choose the hardware, we will probably have to wait for someone with special skills to be able to run win on arm hardware.

Tbh i don’t need win on my board, i would be satisfied with Linux that has all the drivers needed, officially supported.

I use win10, and i highly doubt it will have the same functionality like it has on x64/86 hardware, despite arm releasing more and more powerful soc with every new generation.

on rpi, the existing windows is "windows iot core"

Windows 10 IoT Core is a version of Windows 10 that is optimized for smaller devices with or without a display, and that runs on the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3, Arrow DragonBoard 410c & MinnowBoard MAX. Windows 10 IoT Core utilizes the rich, extensible Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API for building great solutions.

windows 10 for arm is something different and is the one found on the latest sd laptops

If you watch the videos I linked to it is not windows 10 IOT. It has full user interface. Its full windows compiled for ARM not the IOT version. Watch the videos and you will see.

no formal proof yet of his assertion for now, let’s wait and see on rpi!

Microsoft have ported a full Win10 to Arm. It uses an emulation layer to allow full x86 software support. However this is for their own partner laptops and is not out on general release as yet. Do not expect to see it on the VIM2 any time soon or ever.



For a read you may be aware of this


i still do not get why would anyone want to run Windows 10 on a vim board and eject android and Linux from the emmc for that!

A little more details

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