Can i change the LED order?

Here in the US green is go red is stop

Any way i can get a darker color when the box is on like blue or green white or red when its STOPPED or off?

These arnt multi color LEDs by any chance are they?

The box in question right now is the VIM3L but i have the Edge and VIM3 also and it would be nice to have them the same Red when off so i know its stopped.

In addition to the LED settings in Android, KBI can be used to control LED behavior.

Is it an App? or is it something ill need to edit the rom file or something?

Seems over my head

Yes, that’s true but please note that Green=Go Red=stop is a universal thing we humans understand :grin: not just USA,

Also note the White and Red LEDs are controlled by the SoC, the blue one is controlled by the MCU, check the Docs for more info of how to control it

Maybe if you do something like Deep-sleep you could the Red light up I guess

You know how to control the LEDs in android right?, But I wouldn’t really mess with the KBI, if you do something wrong, it might be fatal to the boards functioning.

I doubt it is over your head. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:
KBI can be accessed with a serial tool(UART). KBI can also be accessed in Krescue, but it has limited functions and does not yet offer LED control.
These skills will serve you in your SBC journey, it is not difficult. We can help.

Khadas SBCs are extremely resistant to people like me. :grin:
I think risk is low with KBI, as long as the user changes only the settings related to LED.

Oh, I believe you have forgotten my mischief as well :rofl:

Well yes in that case, I believe one can’t screw it up too much, should be easy though just to change the LED.

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my vim is at an angle in the case, I can say I forgot about the LED

Yes, it is not too bright to be noticed,
Its just as bright as a twinkling star I guess :wink:

KBI gives some LED options not available in the OS, for instance, keeping LED off when board is powered, but not on. I like it set this way, no LED when off.

I agree, the LEDs are not so bright as to be visually intrusive. The TV box I have in the house has an LED one might swear was an LED laser, at least that’s what it feels like to the eyes. :laughing:

the only thing I need is at the moment when you need to understand whether the connection is present or not
LED as a guide

Yikes, that must be painful, Are you sure it didn’t do laser surgery to your eyes yet :upside_down_face:

ok so the 2 LEDs on the VIM are any color LEDs?

The 2 LEDs on this board is white when on blue when off.

can i change the colors of those or no?

Is it as simple as making a file then reflashing with Kresue?

nope, only Three single color LEDs,
each one, white, red and blue (Star striped banner colors I guess :wink:)

can’t change the colors, unless you want to desolder them and replace it with similar LEDs of desired color ( which is more over the head :upside_down_face:)

It is not yet supported to change the LED settings, there is a different route, as @RDFTKV said