Can EC-R3588SPC FD support paddlepaddle from Baidu?

We want to do ai training on paddlepaddle from Baidu and can your RK3588 based products do it?

"Thank you for your question. It’s always exciting to explore new technological combinations. While products based on the RK3588 chip and PaddlePaddle as an AI platform are robust, the compatibility of these two technologies is not something that can be confirmed without further testing. There has been compatiblity add for the rk3588 add rk hardwares by yeliang2258 · Pull Request #611 · PaddlePaddle/Paddle2ONNX · GitHub

As users, we can dive into the official documentation of both PaddlePaddle and RK3588, and perhaps even run some initial tests. This hands-on approach is often the best way to answer complex tech questions like yours.

Remember, every great innovation starts with a question. So keep asking, keep exploring, and you’ll find the answers you’re looking for!" :blush: