Can anyone share their experiences with integrating USB cameras into DIY projects or robotics?

which specification USB camera would be suitable for robotics, kindly suggest!!

Creating software to communicate with the USB camera is a critical component of integration. This could include building drivers, configuring settings, recording and processing video frames, and adding capabilities such as image recognition or object tracking with libraries like OpenCV.
Analysis and each iteration: Thorough testing of the integrated camera system is required to detect and resolve any faults or performance restrictions. Iterative development and refinement may be required to maximize performance and functionality in response to real-world testing and feedback.

Information and Collaboration: Documenting your integration process, including hardware configuration, software implementation, and troubleshooting stages, can be extremely useful for future reference and sharing with the community. Sharing your experiences, thoughts, and code on online forums, blogs, or social media can help to broaden the collective knowledge base and inspire others.