Can anyone recommend a 7" touchscreen for the VIM3?

I am looking for a 7" LCD Touch Screen that will work on my VIM3 via HDMI. Could anyone please recommend one?


you could try waveshare LCD, they have some nice HDMI displays,

but note that the touchscreen versions of those boards need a bit of work, as the USB touch panel isn’t functioning properly. discussed here on the forum

NOTE: this problem only exists on VIM 1&2 not VIM3 and above,

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this touchscreen is also has that touch over USB interface :grin:
need to figure out how those things communicate and find a solution for @ClownMik’s problem

maybe it was faulty, I also admit, however, compatibility also takes place

nope, the problem there was driver issues, not fault, it got detected but touch wouldn’t move,
its not a specific touch panel chip that they used it was a microcontroller that was programmed to act as one, so it is the problem

this was on the device page, not sure what free-driver means, like is the driver for free instead of paying money or works without driver

By the way, there vim1 if you pay attention, hardware stuffing can play its role too

Hmm, that is true, but we will have to see

If I am reading Electr1’s post correctly there are problems using this LCD with the VIM3? I was hoping there would be a plug-n-play solution for connecting an LCD touchscreen.

“this touchscreen is also has that touch over USB interface”

Why did I pay attention to this, because even the original display has support only vim3 and ebge-v

we are not sure about the VIM3, I forgot that post was related to VIM1,
what is the application of the required screen ?

Hmm, yes that’s worth noting, but isn’t the reason for not having original display support on those boards because of the reason that those were released before the display was released ?

on the original display, the connection type is different

I want to use the screen in a car audio playback system.

then you definitely need a touch for interfacing, why not use the original display it is much more versatile,
you could save the ports with all the cables sticking out

then look in the forum search, in this sense, practice has already been established

yes many of our members have been involved in this kind stuff and have much experience, you could check out some of there plans and Ideas, and see how it heads on from thereafter

I installed the original TS050 display and found the font/icons too small for practical use. IMO using a 7" display would be more ergonomic.

I’ve searched the forum for a solution but not found one.

BTW, thanks for all the replies to this thread.

your welcome by the way,
Hmm I understand your point, maybe you could go ahead and purchase something like that Waveshare display or the one @Vladimir.v.v recommended, its your wish, incase something comes up like touch problem etc. we will be ready to help :wink:

Good day!

this is the reality, not the original parts have to be selected so that they can fit for Khadas