Can anyone recommend a 7 inch HDMI screen for VIM3?

I have been searching for a 7" HDMI LCD for my project and am a bit overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. I am hoping someone can/will point me at a screen that will work with my VIM3.

Thanks for any help.

This one?

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Thanks hyphop. I just ordered the ZHIXIANDA 7.

Oops, I just realized that this might not be a touch screen…is it?

I found a 7" to be to small? 12.3" for just a bit more.

@hyphop do any touchscreen work with VIM3 MIPI?

There are 2 options for a 7" screen:

  1. Normal screen like this + touchscreen overlay like this. The connectors seem to fit VIM3 MIPIs without any conversion.

  2. A touchscreen screen like this with a 30pin MIPI. That would require the DaughterBoard you use in your TS050 to convert the connectors right?

Which ever lcd you use. You will have to get its driver in the kernel if you connect it through mipi.

For real? What a boomer

Well, I am back to asking for advice on a 7" touch screen because the one I bought is not a touch screen. What are the resolutions will work with the VIM3 connected via HDMI and can some one please recommend one?