Can a Samsung tablet be used to control the VIM3?

Either using bluetooth or with wired connection? I tried to connect my Galaxy Tablet to my VIM3 last night and the VIM3 would could not find the tablet and yes it was discoverable. Has anyone done this?

Thanks for any info.

i suppose you want to control your vim board by opening a shell session over wired or wireless connectivity ,
in bt, maybe you need to use rfcomm or spp profile, i did not see yet an example of that on android tablets,
for wired connection using a direct console cable, i did not see yet things like that, but it could work
for ip connection over wifi or a router, that works , for example use termux on android and just use ssh inside it

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Thanks for the reply ravelo,

I’ve been reading up on rfcomm and spp etc. and while I am not yet sure what I am doing I hope to use them to get the tablet set up with my VIM3.