Camera compatibility

Hello Khadas Community :slight_smile:

Which of these cameras would work on VIM4 and which would work on Edge2?

  1. IMX214
  2. OS08A10
  3. Arducam 64MP
  4. Raspberry Pi Cam V2

I am also interested in camera compatibility as this is my target use for the Khadas board. I bought the VIM4 and so far there is no indication of a compatible camera as of yet so it sits perhaps as a mistake. I have yet to see anything compatible for the Edge2 or I would consider buying that so it seems they are quite early in development.

@Khadas, perhaps if you share what you have tested and what problems you are encountering with the forum we can help you develop a solution?

Hello @Bagrat

  • IMX214
    • Not supported
  • OS08A10
    • VIM4 supported
    • Edge2 not supported
  • Arducam 64MP
    • Not supported
  • Raspberry Pi Cam V2
    • Not supported

@numbqq thanks a lot for the quick reply.

How to make the “Arducam 64MP” camera work on VIM4 or Edge 2?