Buildroot download


Where can I find the buildroot for Khadas VIM? Unfortunately the buildroot section on is empty.

I found the amlogic provided buildroot (, unfortunately it’s downloading at 5 KB/s (estimated to finish in >2 days), and I was unable to find a faster mirror :confused:.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Just upload to, check the Link for mirror.

md5sum: f0cfd9ca94d31a456f97f54e972ff1f5

Edit: update the key.

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It looks like a decryption key is required to download, would you kindly share this with me?


Sorry, Mike:
Have updated the link. I guess you might completed the download from Openlinux website :slight_smile:

Hahaha, I wish, that download still has 25 hours to go. The download will be done in 5 minutes. :joy:

Thanks again!

I just found out that amlogic’s buildroot downloads a bunch of large files from the same server ( :disappointed_relieved:

Any chance you could run make source in the buildroot and upload the dl directory for me?

I might as well buy a server in Shenzhen at this point.

buildroot/buildroot/dl resources.

md5sum: a5030d85250bedd402c7dcc5abbb7cfa

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