Building Khadas Fan VIM 231717 on Khadas VIM2

Dear all ( @Terry - @ joseph -

last week i bought several heatsinks for my Khadas Vim2 3gb 64 pro version

unfortunatly the VIM2 is still getting extremely HOT

would be of great help if someone could provide me with some guidelines

how to install the fan on the VIM2 which is my last solution

best regards

Hello, Can you provide picture of fan and its connector?

Hi, Sanky29:
Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, we are designing a new housing/case for both VIMs, and the new case can mount the cooling fan.

But we still need more time to get the new case launched. :wink:

I compared visually the connectors on the fans for VIM-1 (which I bought previously for Pro VIM) and VIM-2 (which I got with my model VIM2 Max and I have already connected to the VIM2). Plug for VIM-2 is less than the fan of VIM-1. I was not able to connect the fan from VIM-1 to VIM-Board-2. Maybe I’m wrong and the representatives of Khadas correct me. Maybe I have a model VIM2 is not a standard connector option on the Board.

I just used the fan that is sold for the Rasp PI, It has to be mounted on top of the case rather than inside of it like the VIM blower is, but there’s a couple nice pluses… for one, it is much more powerful and is 5v, not 3v., and the best part? It is 100% silent, whereas the VIM blower is a loud whiny little thing.