Building custom Android

Hi, I’m trying to build a custom Android ROM. I’m pretty new to Android although I know how to build Linux kernels etc

I am getting stuck at

  • Install Extra Toolchains for Amlogic Platform

It instructs to get compilers which I can do but then it tells me nothing on how to get the Extra Toolchains. The link to the “OpenLinux” Amlogic page has nowhere that I can actually download any source code or toolchain.

I e-mailed AmLogic and got this reply:
Thanks for your email. Our openlinux focuses on IDH or OEM instead of personal developers.

I am more than happy to rewrite the documentation in English (and/or Dutch) with clear step-by-step instructions. I have a nice build machine (48 cores, 256GB RAM) to avail myself off.

Another question:
Would it be possible to do/build FOTA updates for the Android firmware? Is there a step-by-step instruction on how to do that? I’m primarily interested in using the device in remote places. I have no issue in hosting the FOTA server.

Thank you


Hi, Guru Evi:
I’ve just checked Amlogic Openlinux website again, and the tools you needed exist at: Development Tools Pages.

As the Android building instructions, please check Building Android Source Code for further details.

FOTA question:
You need ask the FOTA provider for the instructions.

Thanks for the links, I’ll try to make my build environment tomorrow.

Regards FOTA, it means Firmware-over-the-air. Can I update the firmware of the Khadas Vim remotely? Are there build instructions on building and hosting a remote firmware?

Currently, we haven’t built the FOTA server for VIM yet, so doesn’t support now.

Did you mean you wanna built FOTA by yourself?

Yes, that’s what I meant. I can provide a temporary hosting service in the US if necessary (I have a small data center).

I’ve developed a product with FOTA supported years ago, I got the instructions from the FOTA service provider, and follow the instructions to:

  • Patch the Android with FOTA codes
  • Build the Android again

That’s the steps for your reference.

BTW, why you need to FOTA supported?

I’m trying to build a digital signage product using the Khadas VIM. Being able to update the firmware remotely would be a huge help.

I will try to contact one of the FOTA provider for some information, will keep you informed if I got any response.

You can download the docs about how to build ota updates for the android firmwrare, but it isn’t FOTA
The docs is in Chinese :blush:
Have a try