Build vim2 firmware including root support

My apologies, I do not have experience with OwnCloud Server, so I can not offer any advice for that.

Dual-Boot firmware is available for the VIM2, see here for image. It is older, however, Khadas Team member hyphop has said a new dual-boot firmware will be coming for all the VIM model(1, 2, 3). You may want to wait and see. The current dual-boot firmware is for USB flashing methods and the flashing programs for Linux and Windows.

I mentioned Krescue before. Krescue can be used to download and install certain images. Benefit? Other than making the Krescue uSD card, no PC is needed. It is easy and self-contained.
The firmwares Krescue can install can be see here. Once hyphop releases the new dual-boot, it will be found there.

Otherwise, Ubuntu can be installed to the VIM2 or run from SD/USB, using the usual methods.

Thanks for getting back to us how do I set this up when I click on dual boot image there is two which one do I click on is it the same setup is install nougat I’ve Ubuntu on my MacBook Air that I have setup could you send us the link how to setup can you do this with Ubuntu on my MacBook Air or does it have to be windows 10.

One of the files at that link is an *.md5sum file. That file is used to check a downloaded file’s integrity, a checksum.
The firmware file is this one.

Instructions for using Ubuntu can be found here, scroll down to Ubuntu section. Note, I have not used Ubuntu to flash firmware.

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I’m having problems with my vim2 I’ll be watching something and it will crash and then it will go back to the home screen it’s done this about 10 times it’s driving us mad it’s not hot the vim2 but I’ve got a external hard drive connected to it 1tb for extra storage but could this be doing this.

Most likely @MacThomas62, those hard drives pulls about 5v 0.55 A on average, and that’s that’s the least amount just over the limit of the USB 2.0 ports present on the device

But I see there is a 2.0 port with 900 mA power output but I think there is a solution for this,

you could use something like this if both ports are empty,

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Sounds like a power starvation issue. May want to use a powered USB hub for connected USB HDDs.

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What sort of powered hub do I need I’ve just noticed it now there only 2.0 usb could you send us a link because there is quite a few out there I want to make sure I’m getting right one.

Are you on about a OTG adapter or powered usb but what sort could you send us the link this is being this for quite a while

Just search online, for USB power injector *for hard drive

What you have mentioned is it like a OTG adapter the end that plugs into the vim2 is 2.0 usb and the end would be the female which is 3.0 usb that you plug the hard drive is this the adapter

Is this it

I don’t think it’s that because it’s just crashed again and the external hard drive wasn’t even connected

Are you sure it is not overheating either ?
Or something is shorting the board causing it reboot ?

It’s just done it again and know hard drive was connected so what’s doing if it’s not connected I’ve done a factory reset could a vpn do this keep crashing the vim2

No it’s not even hot could it be the power cable this has just started to happen I haven’t a clue what could be doing this has anyone else said about this

reset to factory settings, in extreme cases, flash again with a full emmc cleaning

I haven’t a computer I’ve got a MacBack Air I had this problem before

Yes, perhaps a botnet strand crept in and hijacked the entire system and for some reason this particular strand focuses on crashing your system rather than using for malicious processing purposes :laughing:

Try running a virtual machine with windows on it,
here is a guide for it if you like,

over time it is recommended to update the image :wink: