Build vim2 firmware including root support

I’ve shipped the vim2 today khadas have sent them the tracking details I’ve received a email confirmation which is very good I ain’t going to see my vim2 at least a month I’ve gone back to my 4K firestick which is not the same I miss it already I’m hoping they can fix the issues I was having with the vim2 I will keep you posted.

Hope you get it back soon. Absence makes the heart grow fond. :grin:
I feel your pain.

They have nearly received it it should be tomorrow do you know if there’s a superceleron’s nougat rom rooted because I found something from March that will work on the vim2

Glad to hear it is making progress.
I cannot recall if this ROM is rooted or not, though he often has unrooted ROMs(unless “Debug” is in the ROM file’s title).
Read the page carefully, as version one must be on eMMC first, then version three gets applied by OTA method(SD card).
Hope you get your VIM2 working and back and in a short time.

I’ve read the page there’s nothing saying that the version one is on eMMC and I don’t think it’s rooted

Versions two and three cannot be flashed using the USB tool, nor can 2 or 3 be installed to the VIM2, unless his version one is installed first. Version one must be flased using the USB Burning Tool…

My vim2 on it’s way back to us I’m hoping the engineers have fixed the issues I was having with the vim2 they said they have tested the vim2 and they its not rebooting or restarting but they said they have upgraded the firmware but I had the latest firmware on it I just hope they have fixed it I don’t know if they have put the root version

That is a pretty fast turnaround. Keep us posted.

I’ve got the vim2 back it sounds much quieter and the white led light is on

That was fast. Of course, I wasn’t the one waiting on its return. :slightly_smiling_face:
Are you all good then?

It’s still rebooting on its own i think the vim2 is faulty they haven’t fixed issue I didn’t think they did not happy

@MacThomas62 did you notice any changes on the board itself ? and new replaced components ?
maybe ask what was the problem and what they did to fix it…

Sorry to learn that the issue persists. Electr1 offers good advice, I would pursue that first.

It was the led white light that wasn’t working what they done was fixed the led light but I did mention that it reboots but I think my vim2 is faulty because it’s been doing this for so long now

@MacThomas62 I am sorry to hear that your problem still pertains to your device, the only thing you can do is ask them for replacement, or resend it again, with the problem of rebooting,

also, by any chance did you send it to them and tell the LED was not working, if so they may have presumed the led got damaged or burnt and just replaced that alone for you…

That’s what they did is replace the led white light and update the image I’m using It as a media Centre I was watching a movie and it reboot or restart I was speaking to Abby she said unstable power supply the thing is I’ve tried another cable and iPhone plug it doesn’t work do you what cable and plug I need and that will work with the vim2

preferably branded from Khadas, if you are not sure about other components that are in doubt

@MacThomas62 iirc, most iPhone plugs are capable only to deliver 5w, can you something that can push out atleast 10, 12, or 15w ?

If my vim2 is unstable power what cable and plug can I use because the plug and cable I’m using now for the vim2 is khadas is own cable and plug I’ve tried a different plug it didn’t plus I was looking I put in the search bar vim2 rebooting in khadas forum and it’s been going on with the vim2 for quite a while now we are going back as far as 2017so other people been having problems but I’ve noticed it doesn’t when I’m watching a movie or a tv show because I used it as a media center but if I download a tv show and I watched it through es file explorer it doesn’t reboot that’s what I don’t understand

If you are streaming to the VIM2 via WiFi, or stream from a USB connected device, it may be possible that power demands are higher than if you play local content from the VIM2’s native storage. That is speculation, however, rebooting issues are often power related. It is possible the the Khadas power supply has gone out of spec, possibly due to line spikes or other AC input issues, such as line sags. Like most electronics, switching power supplies can go out of spec for a variety of reasons, including time on and thermal stress. The easiest way to test for most people is to substitute a suitable known-good power supply and cable.
It could possibly be a connector issue on the USB-C cable or VIM2 itself. The VIM2 can be powered from other inputs, such as either USB-A port, however, one port is limited to 500mA and the other is limited to 900mA(See here for details). Also VIN can be used, it has the same current limit as the USB-C port, but you would need a connector to interface with VIN.
Testing from one of these other power inputs could help rule out USB-C connector issues.