Build own Android

I’m building my own android image (so obviously I have the source code)
I want to add my own drivers (specific ones), but I have no idea about how to add them, so any help Khadas community?

@taimed please go to this topic where it is being discussed, so we can keep it tidy :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you.

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Nothing usefull there

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Tell Terry in your message, he will definitely help you! Do not forget to insert “@” before his name

@taimed your question is common hence I suggested, hopefully Terry or Goenjoy willl attend to your request,
good day!

@Electr1 can’t find any useful information here
@Vladimir.v.v what are their nicknames?

Any reply gyus ? I’m really stuck here

hi, I indicated in my post above who you should contact, his name is Terry

what is his nickname ?

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