[Build Bootup Logo] How to do


I would like to build custom boot-up logo and update on my device. I did follow this guide: http://docs.khadas.com/develop/BuildBootLogo/
But i didn’t know how to update it on my device. I saw: 2) Insert the USB disk into VIM device, then boot into U-Boot mode. How could i “boot into U-Boot mode”?

Hi, Mike:


No, that is just setup Serial debugging tool and Kermit protocol. I mean how to boot into U-Boot mode.

after powering on VIM you will see on kermit / putty some messages over serial debugging tool, just Ctrl+C and you will break autoboot and enter u-boot.

other way is to boot in upgrade mode

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Is there any way to update bootup logo without using serial debug?

It not the only way, you can try also:

  • Rebuild the Android ROM with the new Logo, and upgrade the whole Android Image/ROM directly
  • If an O/S (Ubuntu or Android) is installed on your VIMs device, you might try re-write the Logo partition withe the new image via CLI(experienced).

I still think that the easiest way are the serial tool one.


Hi Gouwa,

Do you have guidedance for 2nd way?

Which O/S do you installed?

I installed Android, i’ve already setup ADB.

You can change the boot logo with adb

# adb root
# adb remount
# adb push new_logo.img /system
# adb shell
# dd if=/system/new_logo.img of=/dev/block/logo
# sync
# reboot

About the new_logo.img, you can refer to Build Bootup Logo for U-Boot

I saw in your build bootup logo guidance:

2) Build the logo:
$ make logoimg

Do i need to cd to source code dir when excute this command?
I downloaded source code to ~/project/khadas/vim2/nougat

If you wanna build logo.img with Android ways, you should download whole Android SDK and build Android first.

You can try with the separately way to build your new logo image.

Dear @Terry, @Gouwa, I’ve tried this adb technique, everything works fine, without any error, but logo didn’t change. Please, is there any other command to try in adb mode? (VIM3) Is the syntax correct? (if= …) Thank you for any help, all the best, Tomas