Build Automation Server

Hi guys!

Talking with @gouwa today I came up with the idea that a build automation server might be good for the various ROMs that Khadas provides to the VIM community. This way, as soon as code hits upstream, ROMs are produced automatically. The build server could also be used by developers looking to ship code directly on hardware in a known-working state.

What say ye?


can it also handle linux kernel and some debian based distribs ?


That’s the whole idea :)!

The idea is good, but there are a number of nuances. Such an automatic Assembly can only work with the ready (debugged) sets of source code. When there is a new code for inclusion in the automated build, you need to manually perform the adaptation (editing) the peculiarities of specific hardware , have existing sets of applications (adopted for this machine model \ manufacturer). Therefore, the output of such a service can only copy already established in the manual of the firmware (image).

That’s correct. To make it work those adaptations need to be scripted.