BT Magic issue with Tone Maker Kit


I recently bought a BT Magic Bluetooth module for my Tone 2 Maker Kit: I thought that I could use this module plugged in the I2S connector with on the other side my raspberry plugged in the USB-C. In that respect I had put the Tone 2 Maker Kit Input selection to “Auto”, but I then noticed that it was still possible to send music through my Raspberry but that was not possible to use Bluetooth.
I could only use Bluetooth with the Tone Maker Input set to “I2S”: does it mean that the" “Auto” Mode does not manage this input ?

Thank you in avance for your support.

Hi philippe_kertesz,
BT Magic has two functions, one is as an audio input source (classic Bluetooth), and the second is as a controller (used when connected to BLE via APP).

Currently, after detecting that BT Magic is connected, the control source will be transferred to BT Magic, but the input source will not be switched along with the control source. This is because users may only want to use BT Magic as a controller instead of an input source.

If you need to use the input source of BT Magic, you can currently switch to I2S by turning the knob(as your operation mention). After the APP is released, you can switch the input source through the APP(switching easier).

The APP is expected to be released in August or September. Please pay attention. Thanks.