BT magic has gone!

My BT magic is suddenly out of order. It never turns on.
Untill last week, it worked well though…
What can I do?
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Hello @jjw0205

@Eric68 will help you then.

I see this video,the led of bt magic can not display any color when you power on your tone2 pro.That indicates bt magic may be broken.Can you tell me if your phone can pair to your bt magic when it powered up?

In addition,there are some advices given to you.

  • It is not suggestion that plug your bt magic when your tone2 pro powers on.You’d better to plug bt magic before tone2 pro powers up.Bt magic can not support hot plug.

  • When you insert and remove bt magic from tone2 pro,you should insert and remove it parallel USB connector.

Hi, Eric!

My cell phone and tablet can’t recognize BT magic when it is connected to turned-on tone 2 pro.
I never heard about the first recommendation.
So, I might have done the wrong way.
Second recommendation is a common sense to me.

Despite the connector of BT Magic is USB type C which support hot plug,its definition is self-defined,it contains I2S and UART.So you’d better to plug and unplug it at power-down time. :grin:

Your BT Magic maybe broken.You can go after-sales for help. :smiley: